Second round of the Linkage funding competition

Funding Opportunity for US-Russia University Partnerships in All Academic Fields

Eurasia Foundation’s US-Russia University Partnership Program (UPP) invites accredited higher education institutions from Russia and the United States to submit joint proposals for new bilateral partnerships to the Winter 2016 Linkage funding competition. UPP accepts proposals in any academic field that are jointly developed by at least one US and one Russian partner institution, with the goal of launching mutually-beneficial partnership projects that promise strong and sustained cooperation between institutions beyond the funding period.

The Linkage funding competition will offer funding of up to $41,000 for joint implementation of partnership projects over a period of up to twelve months. Applicants are not required to participate in the preceding UPP Contact funding competitions. Partnerships that submitted a proposal for the Contact stage, but did not receive funding may apply directly to the Linkage funding competition. Applications are due on January 22, 2016.

Projects that are eligible for UPP funding include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following types of partnerships: international dual/double degree programs; international joint degree programs; collaborative teaching / joint courses; faculty exchanges; faculty-led study tours; joint research projects; and resource-sharing arrangements. The following types of partnerships are ineligible: student exchanges; international service learning; internship programs; and extensions of existing projects. Proposals may cover any academic or professional subject matter, but projects should avoid topics that focus on political activity or other non-academic goals. Different schools and/or departments of the same institution may submit applications for funding, but UPP will fund only one project per institution during each funding round.

In order to access the full application materials, higher education institutions must first register with the UPP database. For more information about funding opportunities and eligibility requirements, please click here.